4 Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses

Statistics say that more than half of the population on the planet has some vision issue, and to be more concrete, 4 out of 6 people suffer from bad eyesight.
There are various alternatives offered by the modern medicine in order to treat eye conditions, like contact lenses, laser surgery, and more.
However, even though the advanced medicine has helped numerous of people and only a few people wear glasses these days, there is still something more you can do for your eyes.
The following simple exercises are extremely beneficial in the case of poor vision, regardless if it is genetically inherited or acquired with age. Therefore, before you spend a bigger amount of money on new glasses, we suggest that you try the following exercises:
Nearsighted and Farsighted
The following exercise is quite simple but provides brilliant effects. Sit in a chair with a wide, open space in front of you.
Focus on some object close to you, and then on something more distant. Switch the focus every 10 seconds, and do this for about 5 minutes. This will significantly improve your eyesight over time.
Blinking your eyes
Blinking is one of the most effective methods to solve the vision problems and exercise the eye muscles. The long hours spent in front of the TV or the computer make us blink less and thus the muscles of the eyes weaken and dry out the eyes. Moreover, blinking keeps the eyes set for new information as the split second period of darkness aids you to process what you see when you open the eyes.
The Invisible Figure 8
You should imagine the number 8 lying on its side in front of you, and move to eyes in order to trace the figure. Do this for 5 minutes in one way, and then change the direction and repeat for 5 more minutes. This will exercise the eye muscles.
Covering your face
You should cover the eyes with the hands, but close enough just to be able to blink and see in complete darkness. This will release the stress around the eyes. You might now understand the need to cover your eyes after the long hours of staring at the PC screen. 
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