When Candice Marie Fox went to see a Doctor, he told her that she has thyroid cancer. The cancer was already spread out in her entire body, and according to the doctors’ evaluation, she had only 5 years left. 

She is 31 years old now, and she refused to go on chemotherapy treatments. Instead of that, she started to eat 3 pineapples a day. She also added grapefruit, lemon, papaya, apples, kiwi and bananas to her diet.
Within 6 months there was no trace of the thyroid cancer. She was “all-clear”
She found out that he brome lain from pineapples, kiwi and papaya destroyed the protein layer of cancer cells. The protein that came from animal products actually was feeding the cancer cells, so when she eats all of her energy is used in food digestion, and the body can’t heel itself.
The doctors discovered the thyroid cancer in 2011. They told her to go on chemotherapy treatments, but she refused. The other thing that doctors were wrong is that they told her she had only 5 years left.
Her cousin Frankie died from cancer at the age of 13. Same thing happened to her best friend Jamie. He died when he was 31. She thinks that the bad thing is chemotherapy, and they died because of that.
The doctors told me that I don’t have time to fight this disease, because it was already spread in the entire body, Candice says. But she didn’t give up and she started to read lots of different articles about cancer. She found out that brome lain from pineapple, kiwi and papaya destroys the cancer cells and because of that she started to drink pineapple juice every day. She didn’t eat anything else, but fruits for days.
She also stopped using chemical cosmetics and cleaning products, she quit smoking and took some measures to reduce stress in her life, because they all feed cancer.
When she went for a check-up in the hospital after 6 months, the doctors were shocked and they confirmed that the cancer is all gone. Candice got her “all-clear”.
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