If You’re Blood Type 0, You Should Avoid Doing This: It Could Save Your Life

 If your blood type is “O” you can donate blood for transfusion in people with virtually every other blood group.
This is great for the recipient because unlike the person needing a transfusion, you can only get blood from someone of the same blood type.
Now that is not t good, the reason for this is because people with blood type “O” is a rarity.
So if you have blood type “O” then you are very special indeed, now am not saying this simply because of your God given gift as a viable blood donor, NO!
I am saying you are special because it is believed that people with this blood type are…
  • Natural Born Leaders.
  • Focused, Driven And Energetic.
  • Sociable And Fun To Be With.
In Japan it us known that some employers are particular about the employees they take on board and even go as far as asking for their blood group because the general belief is that people with Blood type “O” are focused, committed, driven, responsible, organised and hard working.
Although this unique blood type makes you susceptible to a number of ailments such as;
  • Thyroid issues
  • Ulcer
  • Iodine deficiency
  • Obesity
  • Excess water retention

What You Need To Be Careful About If Your Blood Type Is “O”

People with blood type “O” are known to be impulsive and hyperactive.
When you now take these traits and combine them with an unhealthy dietary routine and a sedentary lifestyle then you are more likely to be prone to…
  • A Slow Thyroid Function.
  • Insulin Resistance.
  • Excessive Weight Gain.
  • Stomach Ulcer.

What You Need To Avoid If Your Blood Type Is “O”

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine because caffeine will increase your adrenaline level which by virtue of your blood type is already high.

What You Should Do

  • Engage in regular daily exercises.
  • Eat healthy natural meals consisting of fruits, vegetables and fish to raise your iodine levels. 

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