Why You Need To Respect Your Parents When They Get Old – This Is a Heart Touching Story!

One 80 year old man was resting on the couch in his home with his 45 year- old educated son. At that moment a crow appeared on their window. 
The Father did not know what was that and asked him. His Son said that it is a crow. After a couple of minutes, the Father once again asked what was that and the son said: I already told you, it is crow.
After a while, the Father once again asked what was that and that time the Son was irritated and said: “This is a crow, only one crow, a crow”. After a short time the old Father once again asked him the same question.
And now his Son really shouted and asked the Father: “Why do you still ask me the same exact question over and over. I already told you the answer. Can’t you understand that?”
Afterwards the old man went into his room and took one very old tattered diary. He kept it, since his Son was born. On the first page, he kindly asked his Son to read the first page.
He read this: “Today my little baby turns three years and he sits with me on the couch, and one crow appeared on the window. He asked me 24 times in a row what that was, and I told him 24 times in a row that it was a crow. On ever question I hugged him – I hugged him 24 times. I was not irritated at all. Instead I was feeling affection.”
When the 3 year old child asked the question 24 times in a row, his Father was pleased to give him an answer and when the Father asked the same question 24 times in a row the Son was annoyed and irritated.
So, if your parents are old you should remember not to look or see them as a burden. You should take care of them and be kind to them as well. Be careful with them and you should remind yourself that you should love them forever, because they’ve done everything they could just for you.
You should use only kind words when you talk to them.
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