5 Unsettling Signs You’re On the Right Path.

Everyone wants to know that they’re doing something right, or that they’re on the right track in life. However, not everyone knows that many of the signs that tell you you’re on the right track can be scary. Change, growth, and new challenges can create uncomfortable feelings, but it’s these feelings that we have to listen to the most. It’s these feelings that let you know you’re improving and growing as an individual.

If you want to know that you’re doing something right, or that your life is on the path it needs to be, take a look at these five scary signs, emotions, and feelings that can be pretty good indicators of your progress.

1. You Realize that You’re Responsible for Your Happiness

Taking responsibility for anything in your life can be scary, but realizing that no one can make you happy but yourself can be a huge shift in understanding.

This newly found autonomy is a major experience for most, which can cause you to feel an immense amount of pressure. Taking this feeling in stride, and learning that you have the power to shape your own future is a sign you’re growing up the right way.

2. You Feel Like You’re Lost

Feeling like you’re lost or like your life has no direction can be a feeling often associated with depression, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. Feelings like this could simply indicate that you’re more aware of the power you have in life to make important decisions.

Young people who have several life paths to choose from feel this feeling from time to time, and all it means is that you have options that only you can choose.

3. The Desire to Be Alone is Strong

Again, this feeling can often be associated with depression, but it isn’t always the case. The desire to be alone could be caused by the fact that you’re entering a period of self-reflection. During major changes in our lives, we need time to sort things out, figure out exactly what we want, and just exactly how our decisions are going to change who we are. It’s hard to sort through all of it without being on our own.

4. Reliving Childhood Issues

During major changes in your life, you may feel like you’re reliving issues you had when you were younger.

That doesn’t mean these issues are reoccurring, it just means that you’re becoming more aware of the triggers in your life that bring about negative emotions. This is a big deal because it means you’re becoming more self-aware.

5. You Recognize the Length of Your Journey

When you’re young and just starting out on your own, you may feel overwhelmed by how far you have to go to reach your goals. Whether you’re in school or starting your career, this feeling can be daunting.

Take pride, however, in the fact that you actually recognize just how far you have to go; it’s not something everyone seems to understand early in their lives. 

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