Fake Rice is Everywhere!!! Find Out How to Recognize Real From Fake Rice

Did you know that there a fake rice on the market? Asia is the place where this fake or plastic rice is massively produced and exported from. It was first found in China, Vietnam and India. Today, it can be found in Europe and Indonesia. Fortunately, is isn’t in the USA markets yet.
The fake rice is quite similar to the real one and there is almost no way to differentiate between the two. Moreover, serious digestive issues can occur due to the consumption of fake rice. Some of the reports claim that fake rice is composed of potatoes and synthetic rest. Additionally, it contains other chemicals as well.

How to make a difference between the real and fake rice?

It is important to mention that it is almost impossible to make a difference between the real and the fake rice. However, they slightly differ in the taste, the smell, and the form after it is boiled.  Therefore, you can determine if the rice you are eating is fake by carrying out any of the simple tests below.

Six Home Tests To Help You Identify Fake Rice

1. The Mortar and Pestle Test

Take a few grains of the rice and mold them with a mortar and a pestle. When you get a powder, notice the color. White color indicates that the rice is real, but if it has yellowish discoloration, your rice must be fake.

2. The Fire Test

Take a handful of rice and burn it. If it catches fire and smells like burned plastic, the rice is fake.

3. The Water Test

Take a glass of water and add 1 tablespoon of raw rice. If the rice goes to the bottom, the rice is real. However, if it floats at the top, it means that the rice is fake.

4. The Mold Test

Boil the rice and leave it in a warm place for like 2-3 days. If it doesn’t get mold, it means that the rice is fake. This is so because plastic is not affected by the weather or temperature.

5. The Boiling Test

Put the rice to boil. If it forms a thick layer while boiling at the top of the pot, it indicates that the rice is fake.

6. The Hot Oil Test

Take several grains of rice and drop them into a hot oil. If the rice melts and sticks to the pan, the rice is fake.
Try these tests with the rice you are consuming. If you discover that it is fake, never eat it again. 
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