How to Heal Damaged Liver Naturally Within a Month

The function of the liver has always been to filter out toxins and eliminate them from the body. Nevertheless, its job has changed over time, and now, it has a much bigger task now than it was even just a century ago.
Our bodies are exposed to a lot of toxins on a daily basis, so the liver has to work in overdrive to keep up. Modern living includes fried foods, food treated with pesticides, toxins in the air you breathe, and all this should be almost everything has to be filtered through your liver. Over time, this can lead to liver damage.
Liver Damage: Causes and Symptoms
There are many common causes for liver damage. Initially, liver disease can be genetic, so you may want to watch for its symptoms if anyone in your family has ever had liver problems.
Also, excessive alcohol consumption may be the most common cause of liver damage, as alcohol has many toxins that must be filtered through the liver.
Moreover, liver damage can also result from an unhealthy diet. An excess of fatty, fried, or processed foods puts a huge toll on your liver. You may be at high risk if your diet is devoid of fruits and vegetables.
Liver damage is often accompanied by certain symptoms. If case you have any of the ones below, you may be dealing with an off-kilter liver:
  • Whites of eyes are yellow or bloodshot
  • Stomach upset or digestive issues
  • Stool or urine consistently abnormal (color, size, timing)
  • Skin has yellowed over time and does not seem to improve with changes in diet or habits
  • Development of mononucleosis
In order to determine whether or not your liver enzymes are normal, you can do a simple liver enzyme test administered by your health care provider.
Natural Treatments Over Conventional Treatments
Your body can be seriously damaged by conventional treatments, since a liver transplant can take years to get, the costs are too expensive, and leave you reliant on immunosuppressant medications. In addition, you must heal from major surgery after getting a transplant.
On the other hand, natural treatments can get you the same benefits as conventional treatments, but without the side effects. Though this protocol can be time-consuming, it can be worth it if you want to strengthen your liver naturally.
That is why it is highly advisable that you try these natural ways to cure liver damage:
Clean Water
For the process of liver cleansing, flushing your body is a huge part  and has huge importance, so aim for at least four liters of water each day.
Herbal Supplements
Liver health can be strengthened to a high extent by the consumption of herbal supplements that are specifically designed for liver damage issues.
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice is excellent for your organs, and it can help detox your liver, but take care not to consume one with added sugar in its content.
Fresh Squeezed Juice
Investing in a juicer as well as organic fruits and vegetables can save your health. Try different juicing recipes and drink plenty of fresh juice every day, in order to help your body flush out all toxins.
Oregano Oil
This oil can provide great benefits to you, and some aroma therapists recommend its use internally, while others recommend its topical use. However, what is really important is that oregano oil can help you get rid of infections that have taken root in your body as a result of liver failure. 
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