Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals! 5 Brands You Should Avoid

Automatic dishwashers are great, but if you don’t own one, you will put your trust into plain water, soap, detergent and hope for the best. Dish soaps may look effective and useful, they are actually providing numerous health threats.
For example, Palmolive is one label that is more life threatening than we believe.
Palmolive is a property of Colgate, and last year they made sales of $16 billion across the globe. The most popular dish soap of this line of products is Dawn, but Palmolive holds the number 5 spot in worldwide sales.
Here is everything you need to know about the Palmolive dangers:
  1. Silicate Salts
This substance is applied in their Eco line of dish soap for pH control, and can cause breathing problems and hurt the lungs. Also, if there is a direct skin contact, you might experience rashes, itchiness and even damage the eyes.
  1.  Formaldehyde
This ingredient is a popular causer of cancer and damages the lungs and the remaining organs. With only small amounts (approved by the FDA) you can expose yourselves and your families to cancer. However, Palmolive promised to remove the chemical from their products by the end of 2017.
  1. Sulfuric Acid
If used in large amounts, it can cause breathing irregularities as well as allergic reactions and skin rashes and irritation.
  1. Fragrances
This is particularly true for pentasodium pentetate, because it can harm the skin. Still, some additional testing has to be done and no actual evidence of its negative influences is available.
  1. Ammonium Sulfate
Again, this is a big threat to the skin and eyes and can lead to severe vision issues. It was initially tested on rabbits and it was stated that by inhaling it, you may experience cardiac arrest and irregular breathing. It can also impair the DNA, although the odds are pretty slim.
Alternative Dish Soap Brands
5 to Use
  • Seventh Generation
  • Better Life
  • Puracy
  • Ecover
  • Method
5 to Avoid
  • Dawn
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Meyers
  • Ajax
  • Cucina
While cleaning your dishes pay close attention to the products you use and always read the label properly. If you notice any chemicals in a product, this is a clear sign to avoid it. No cleanness is worth your health! 

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