Facebook Secret: Want To See Who’s Monitoring Your Facebook? Follow These Steps

Facebook monitoring and censorship is at an all time high. With so many attacks on Independent and Citizen Journalism as of late, wouldn’t it be nice to know who is monitoring your page? With these Facebook secrets, now you can!
With the help of the most amazing readers and truth seekers on the planet, we have received so much feedback on this article! To update, Facebook’s algorithms prevent malicious blocking attempts on an account, which explains why some accounts cannot be blocked (as noted toward the end of this article).
We reached out to Facebook through official channels, and received a message that we would be contacted about our inquiry. We have not been contacted. (We asked about profiles that say “Facebook security.”)

As was noted originally, it isn’t clear, nor is there a way to know for sure who those people are, but what we do know is that the feature to prevent blocking is built in to Facebook, and their search feature brings up a relevant list of names.
While it is certainly true some websites are known for this, overall, it may just appear that way more or less due to the fact that as stated earlier, the truth is raw and to those who are asleep, it really is fantastic.
With these recent attempts to censor anyone who doesn’t fit the status quo, Facebook announced it will employ new methods to combat so-called “fake news.” As one may predict, the “sources” who will have the power to “review” posts for “authenticity,” have an obvious conflict of interest.
In addition, did you know there are people literally watching your Facebook account? Yes. There are people who have a specific duty to monitor your posts and activity. While there are many Facebook secrets, for those who enjoy privacy, this one is for you!
Facebook Secrets: So, what can you do?
First of all, we must tell you there is no way to know for sure who these people are. Also, you may not be able to remove or block every account that monitors your activity, although when I did it on my account, I was able to get rid of most.
Here is what you need to do to block the majority of the accounts that monitor your Facebook:
1. > Log into Facebook
2. > Account Settings
3. > Click on blocking
4. > In the search field where it says “Block Users” type in: “Facebook Security”
5. > A new window will pop up. The list you see is a list of [most likely] Facebook employees, spies, and private accounts that are paid to shill for who knows who (sarcasm (kind of)).
We tried to block some of the accounts, however, apparently some people cannot be blocked. Makes you think…
6. > Go down the list, and if you don’t like being monitored, just hit the “block button.” Some of the accounts are unable to be blocked. While this is somewhat disturbing, you must remember that Facebook owns everything Facebook, so in essence, you “agreed” to be monitored. (I know. What moral and reasonable organization needs to hire people to monitor you? Right?)
And there you have it.
The ever growing world police and nanny state extends to the virtual world too. In fact, it probably lives in the virtual world in an even greater capacity than the physical world, it’s just that the physical world gives us a different feeling and emotional reaction when we recognize it.
Have fun, and enjoy your new found freedom!
NOTE: If you are a Facebook Page owner that posts independent or alternative news of any kind, we would like to hear from you! Are you being censored? Are some of these people that came up on the list friends with you, or friends with your friends? Have they interacted with you? Have your posts been improving since you blocked them? Are you blocked from being able to block them?
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