Man Kicks A Dog. Dog Comes Back With Friends And Destroys His Car While He's Away

After a dog was, literally, kicked out of a parking spot by a driver, he returned with a group of his friends to exact revenge. They went to town on the fenders and wipers and a neighbor caught it on camera. 

First, they started on the fenders while one stands watch. 
Dogs may not be human, but they are not emotionless! This guy is chewing in a frenzy. 

In this image, the dog is ripping the shit out of the windshield wiper. 

Pack of dogs: 1, parked car: 0 

If there's a moral to this story, it's this: don't kick dogs. It's not the only instance of a dog taking out his agression on someone's car, either. The dog in this video below goes to town on a police car's bumper. 

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